Sustainability is the foundation of life, as well as technological progress. Human development and environmentalism are not mutually incompatible. People can be good or evil, and most are a mixture at different times, likewise technology can be used in positive or negative ways.

There’s no doubt that the industrial revolution, powered by fossil fuels are responsible for where we are today, both in a good way and a bad way. We’ve progressed to the stage where we’re able to feed, house and clothe a few billion more than ever envisioned. We’re at the cusp of colonising Mars, and creating autonomous AI. At the same time, we’re killing our oceans and chocking on airborne particles.

It’s quite likely that we’ll be able to create solutions to clean our air, waterways and earth. In fact there are a number of technologies bering developed that show great promise in this area. Does this mean we can be complacent? Of course not, we don’t know for sure how and when technology might help solve these important problems.

In the meantime, to lose all of our coral reefs, or allow more Fukushima type incidents to occur would be a reckless shame. To allow fertile topsoil to erode away will give more problems to solve.

A foundation of progress involves not creating more and more problems. This is like walking in quicksand. The world has enough problems with greed, politics and religion, surely sustainability is an area where we can all come together regardless of race, religion or creed.

Sustainable Forums will a a user generated stage, where the emphasis will be on sustainable energy, both the mining, drilling and extraction of fossil fuels, as well as the materials for solar panels, wind farms and so on. An open earth strip mine lokks similar, and can do the same environmental damage whether the extraction is for coal, or rare earth and silver for solar panels.